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Report Abuse

 The online Kentucky Child/Adult Protective Services Reporting System makes it convenient, confidential and secure to report non-emergency situations that do not require an immediate response from Department for Community Based Services staff. 

Call the toll-free reporting hot line: (877) KY SAFE1 or (877) 597-2331.


YOU CAN ALSO REPORT CHILD ABUSE AT 1-888-403-5090 or click on the button below to report online.


Infant Supply Pantry

We all face struggles from time to time. We want to offer a helping hand to the parents in our community that may be facing hardship. 

At the Sunshine Center, we have items in our Infant Supply Pantry such as: diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, (and in limited quantity) baby clothes and blankets. Contact us today for assistance!


Protect Our Seniors From Abuse

Abuse doesn't just happen to the young.

Over 10 million seniors experience elder abuse each year - this has to stop.

While early studies indicated that both men and women were fairly equal victims of elder abuse, more recent studies have demonstrated that women are more likely to experience some form of assault, both throughout life and over the age of 65. 

Click on the button below for more information.

Interested in AmeriCorps service?

Is AmeriCorps service right for me? If the following sounds good to you, then definitely!

  • wanting to make a difference and serve your community

  • willing to commit to a one-year service position

  • able to attend periodic overnight training and service projects

  • prepared to live on a modest living allowance for a year among other benefits

  • interested in personal and professional development

  • looking for a path into an employment opportunity or career

What is Sexual Assault?

If you’re searching for advice on what to do after a sexual assault, consider this step-by-step guide for a detailed overview of what to do immediately following the incident, your rights, sexual assault laws in your state, and how to seek help with filing a sexual assault claim.

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